Our Team


CPA Saphina Awuor Ochola – Financial Advisor

A finance specialist, Saphina Awuor has in depth knowledge in accounts administration and international finance.

LinkedIN: https://ke.linkedin.com/pub/saphina-awuor/19/676/b59

Saphina Awaour


Peter Achayo – Marketing Advisor

Peter comes on board with an array of experience and expertise in the field of marketing and strategy.

LinkedIN: https://ke.linkedin.com/pub/peter-achayo/1/7a6/232

Peter Achayo


Mohammed Hassan – Strategy Advisor

An astute strategist, ingenious marketer and entrepreneur, Mohammed brings on board his advice on matters strategy and investment.

LinkedIN: https://ke.linkedin.com/in/mohammedhassank

Mohammed Hassan


John Nderito – Sales & Logistics Advisor

John Nderito, a graduate of the University of Sunderland with a career spanning over 20years in management, sales & logistics.

LinkedIN: https://ke.linkedin.com/pub/john-nderito/10/14a/b89

 John Nderito


Claudius Kurtna – Founder & CEO

Founder and CEO of Aquaedge Africa, Claudius Kurtna has his focus on strategy and business development.

LinkedIn: https://ke.linkedin.com/pub/claudius-kurtna/5a/319/9b5

 Claudius Kurtna


Florence Mkombola – Co – Founder, R&D & Production

Co-founder  and R&D head of Aquaedge Africa, Florence Mkombola’s vast experience can be tasted in every bite of our products.

Florence Mkombola


Evelyn Waniru – Legal, HR and Strategic Affairs

With a diverse background spanning from Relocation services Industry to Global Financing Evelyn is focused on the Legal, HR and strategy and business development.


Evelyn Waniru